Family Self Sufficiency Program

The CMHA Family Self Sufficiency Program was established to help Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing Program Residents become economically self-sufficient. The “path to self-sufficiency” varies for each Family Self Sufficiency Participant and can include goals such as obtaining a GED; going back to school; finding a better paying job; getting bills under control; improving credit scores; saving money to pay for a down payment on a home! The Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program can help you make these plans become a reality!

The basic steps to participate in the FSS Program are:

  • Step 1 You must be participating in the CMHA Housing Choice Voucher Program or be a resident of CMHA's Public Housing Program and complete a pre-application to be place on the FSS Waiting List. You will be contacted when a program slot is available.

  • Step 2 An appointment / interview is scheduled to go over the FSS Contract of Participation and program guidelines. A Personal Needs Assessment will be conducted to help you establish and document goals; as well as identify resources that will help you achieve success in becoming economically self-sufficient.

  • Step 3 Once you either begin working or your current working income increases, you may begin earning “escrow”. As a rule, when your rent increases due to earned (working) income, the difference in the new rent from the previous rent will be set aside in an escrow account which earns interest. Escrow earned will be placed in a savings account that you will receive upon successfully completing the terms of your FSS Contract. Escrow earned and its interest is tax free!

Let us help you along your Path to Self Sufficiency!! Please contact Nina Weese-Meyers, FSS Coordinator for Housing Choice Voucher Program or Karen Netter, FSS Coordinator for the Public Housing Program at 740-775-7881 or by contacting for Public Housing or for Housing Choice Voucher.

Summary of FSS Graduates September 2010 thru September 2019

66 FSS participants have graduated successfully receiving a total of $354,617.52 in paid escrow.


FSS Newsletter, Flyers and Forms

Fall Newsletter

Housing Choice Voucher FSS Expression of Interest Form

Public Housing FSS Expression of Interest Form

HCV FSS Pre-Application

PH FSS Pre-Application